#Pitmad and What I Learned From It

For those of you who, like me, are new to #PitMad let me break down what it is and how it worked out for me.

(Photo credit to Pixabay. Image is on a woman’s hand holding a blue pen as she writes. Notebooks and a coffee cup sit on the table close to her.)

Worst to Best Pitches.

Image reads: Yours, Mine, Hers — Piper takes a job housesitting in a house that never looks lived in and an owner who never stays to chat. There is one rule Piper must follow — never open the spare bedroom door.
The Art of Absolution — Robin and Cole grow up in poverty. Cole becomes successful, thanks to his brother’s sacrifices. Now he must go home, face his past and make amends to the brother who gave up everything to help him.
The Dusty Sky — Officer Josiah Holloway has faced many challenges as an openly queer black man in the force. He wasn’t expecting the challenge of not falling in love while undercover.
Solomon is Missing — Zephan is a spy in trouble. After being publicly outed as a spy in enemy territory, his life is in danger. Grabbing the first person he can, he uses his new hostage as leverage to escape.

Lessons Learned

As I hinted at earlier, those who have done this before will have supported the key mistake — I was using the wrong hashtags! PitMad has its own website (pitchwars.org) that lists all of the hashtags that help you get seen by publishers easier!

Going Forward

The next #PitMad event takes place on Twitter on 2nd December (8–8 EST.)I will be joining in and this time, I’m going to be using the right gosh darn hashtags and hope for more engagement!



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